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The Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, Texas is a place where people can focus on obtaining and maintaining optimal health, naturally. There are no “patients” at the Center, only “members” of an inclusive and supportive community that believes in using natural approaches to address underlying health concerns. Their physicians have more than 75 years’ combined medical experience backed by a staff of 90 caring professionals who provide an environment of hope and well-being for each of their members. By utilizing bioidentical hormone products that restore hormones to optimal levels, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy levels, the Center is able to help you regain and prolong your quality of life. Apart from their revolutionary medical paradigm and treatment, what makes them different is that they listen to you, and they don’t focus only on a lab test. It is their deepest desire to help you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally so that you may enjoy a better quality of life, pure and simple. The community is comprised of like-minded individuals who have all made the commitment to optimal living by investing in their health. They know that they are responsible for their own health, and they turn to Dr. Hotze and his team to support and guide them on their path to optimal wellness. Aging doesn’t have to mean loss of vitality and health. Dr. Hotze and his team work with members from young adulthood through midlife and beyond to make life healthy, meaningful, and fun!

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