The most well known side effect of low testosterone in men is low libido, but there are many others. While low libido is often the symptom that spurs men on to seek medical attention so they can finally do something about it, all symptoms of a testosterone deficiency impact quality of life.

Having healthy testosterone levels is a key to men’s health, especially as men age. Fortunately, there are natural treatments for low testosterone, which I discuss below.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

If you think you might have low testosterone, see how many of the following symptoms you’ve been experiencing:

Lack of drive
Lack of initiative
Decline in assertiveness
Decline in sense of well-being
Decline in self-confidence
Depressed moods
Decline in mental sharpness
Decline in muscle mass or tone
Decline in stamina and endurance
Difficulty maintaining an erection
Weight gain, especially around waist area
Higher cholesterol
Sleep apnea

The more of these symptoms that sound familiar, the more likely it is you have low levels of testosterone.

I should note that there are blood tests that measure “free testosterone” in your system. You can and should have your blood tested if you want, but know that how you feel – the symptoms you are experiencing – is more important than any lab number you end up with. Don’t let a number dictate whether you seek treatment or not. You know how you feel.

What You Should Know About Andropause

Everyone has heard of menopause, the phase of life where a woman’s hormones change drastically and she stops menstruating. But not everyone is familiar with the male equivalent, “andropause.” Like women, men also experience a natural change in hormone levels as they age.

One big difference is that with women, menopause happens in a relatively short amount of time, over the course of a few years. With men, the decline in testosterone is much more gradual process throughout their life. It starts when a man is in his 30s (and sometimes even in his 20s) and doesn’t stop until death. Because the change is so gradual, it can be hard to see the changes to mood, sexual function, and overall health. But compare life now to what life was like in your early 30s, and you may be (unpleasantly) surprised at the difference.

What To Do About Low Testosterone Levels

Just because testosterone levels naturally decrease as you age doesn’t mean you should accept the side effects for the rest of your life. By treating low testosterone levels, you not only get back your libido and sexual drive, you can improve your mood, cognition, weight and muscle tone, and confidence. In short, you can improve your quality of life.

At the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, I regularly treat men with bioidentical hormones, and when appropriate, including bioidentical testosterone. Bioidentical testosterone, as the name implies, is testosterone that’s the same as the kind you produce in your body. In fact, your body can’t tell the difference. I’ve found that using this natural treatment for low testosterone has been a very safe, very effective means of reversing the unwanted symptoms in men.

Dr. Hotze discusses the benefits of bioidentical testosterone for men:

If you’re experiencing low testosterone and you’ve decided now is the time to do something about it, contact a wellness consultant at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center by calling 281-698-8698 or by visiting our website. The time to take charge of your health is now.

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